Saturday, October 31, 2009

Survey Site Tutorial

Sure you can make money online with GPT sites, people are doing it every day, it;s really very easy, It will take a little time, but if you work at it and follow a few simple rules in this you should be fine.

AOL and Netscape user, most likely your IP address looks like you have multiple addresses so it doesn't work well in completely and may get you banned.

Never log onto your account from any other computer but your own, it will look like you have two account and you will get banned.

Some Tips For Completing Offers & Surveys

After signing up, I would suggest reading the forums. If you have problems with your offers not being confirmed, be sure to follow this check list. By doing so you will notice that your offers get confirmed quicker and a lot more frequently.

1) Clear your cookies before doing an offer and after you complete. If you want to clear your cookie automatically, you can download a free copy of CCleaner. Also temporarily disable any ad blocking programs that may be blocking cookies.

Optional: It may help to log out of your account and then log back in your account after you have cleared your cookie.

2) Set up 4 or 5 separate email accounts, to use for offers (Some offers are from the same companies, and they will stop confirming if the same person does too many of them. So just use a different email address, seeing as how that is how they keep up with who is who.

3) When is a offer Complete? Most offers will have a confirmation screen saying “Thank you” somewhere on the page, Once you have reached that page, you’re done with the offer and you can submit it. If you haven’t reached that page, keep going, it’s not going to continue forever. It is also helpful to completely close your browers in between offers.

4) Check for the email confirmations of some offers. You won’t receive credit for some offers if you don’t click the confirmation link in the email they send you. Sometimes these emails get sent to the spam folder, always check your spam folder, click the link, and wait a few minutes for your offer to confirm.

Warning: Do Not use Robot form when doing offers, this will slow down approval time.

Free survey sites really work and if you take it serious, you will make money. If you have any doubt or questions about filling out an offer, the sites have FAQs and Forums where you can get lots of answers and fast help.

VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to CLEAR your cookies (See above).

Now that you have a better understanding of suvey sites your ready to start making some easy money.


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