Sunday, December 20, 2009

Treasure Trooper Cash Clicks Review

Cash Clicks Really Works!

I'v been with TreasureTroopers 2 years and I think there the dark horse of Gpt sites, although I have been a member for a long time I have not been very active for over a year that's is until I heard about there new feature called "cash click".

Here's how it works you get $2 worth of ads to click every 24 for hours, and you get 5 cent just for clicking on the ads and that it, easy money.

At the end of the month they send you a check to your home, that's $60 bucks a month you can earn every month just clicking ads, that's a big deal.

The Break Down

TreasureTrooper has been very good to it's member and has been around a long while with all the new features like qurater bin and cash clicks, it makes TreasureTrooper one of the very best.

Draw Back

There is one draw back which is they have not added a IM or Shoutbox, It looks a little old school but it gets the job done and I get my checks on time.

How to complete an offer?

Simply click on any of the offers on the offers page and follow the instructions.

Once you have completed an offer just click the button next to it, indicating its completion. We will verify that you have completed the offer, and credit your account accordingly. If your a newbie to GPT (Get Paid To) sites be sure to check out a quick GPT tutouial, to avoid making any silly mistakes and wasting time.

Payments will be processed on the 15th-20th of every month for the previous month's earnings. This means that you will receive a monthly payment if your balance exceeds $20. If not, then your balance will be carried over to the next month.

TreasureTrooper is International, however, many offers will not be available for your country. Canada and UK will also have a decent amount of offers available.

If you still have questions, contact the forums to see what different members have posted and learn great tips

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